How we’re positively changing health and safety behaviours across Australia:

  1. Award-winning, evidence based and science backed programs
  2. Engaging and relevant health materials
  3. Proactive and sustainable programs for long term behaviour change
  4. Personal, individual approach to meet people where they’re at

Our Services

Health by Design is the most effective provider at engaging the total workforce and improving the core health and lifestyle behaviours of your employees.

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Stress, burnout, and other mental health burdens are driving disengagement, productivity loss and turnover. Our programs are PROACTIVE and promote positive mental wellbeing behaviours across your workforce.

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Our science-based health and high-performance programs offer unique personal and professional development. High-performers learn the mechanisms of stress and burnout along with specific actions to better sustain their health, focus and performance.

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Averaging 30-60% reductions in MSK injuries, Health by Design ergonomic and injury prevention programs are tailored to your specific job-tasks and unique work environment. Relevance and specificity leads to greater action and outcomes.

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Addressing employee safety at the individual level as well as concurrently influencing strong safety policies and culture at your organisation, presents enormous value potential, not only by reducing safety incidents and workers compensation costs, but by also improving absence rates and productivity.

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With over 25 years’ experience, we’re here to help you navigate workplace health challenges and strengthen your organisation by improving the health of your workforce.

Employee wellness in a class of its own.

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