Who is it for?

MSK (musculoskeletal) injuries and poor ergonomic setup is something that can be addressed at minimial cost. Ask us how we can lower absenteeism rates, reduce the risk of injury and ensure a productive, healthy workforce. We’re here to help.

Small to medium businesses

Hybrid or remote workforce

Corporate organisations

Industrial companies

Large businesses

Organisations with multiple locations across Australia

Body Mechanics Program.

Benefits around task technique PLUS physical capacity for life.

The Body Mechanics program helps employees understand the correct body and task mechanics to reduce injury and increase safety around the workplace. Components include:

  • Tailored workshops
  • Task load analysis
  • Individual, in person assessments
  • Risk reduction programs

Ergonomic assessments.

An ergonomic assessment is a very practical way of identifying the key injury risk areas for each employee.

  • In person or virtually at home.
  • Range of different assessments available: comprehensive 45 minute assessment, 15 minute short review or group walkaround appraisal.

By outlining simple and effective changes to workstation setup, employees will be able to prevent musculoskeletal pain and injury and improve performance.

Ergonomic risk assessments.

Assessing ergonomic risk, lifestyle factors and sedentary risk.

It is important to ‘join the dots’ between key health factors and their impact on how a person works. Our Ergonomic Risk Assessment expands past the work environment to include lifestyle factors that could place a person at higher risk.

  • Range of different assessments available
  • Can be combined with other health assessments
  • Ergonomic check for each individual plus discussion on the impact of factors such as hydration, movement, nutrition and stress
  • In person or virtually at home

Effective Ergonomics program.

With many office-based businesses now offering a hybrid work from home and office approach, it’s vital that workspaces are set up for safety and comfort.

Our Effective Ergonomics program offers insight into the impact of sedentary jobs as well as strategies to combat the effects. This program can include:

  • Video assessments – 15 minute or 45 minute, including individual report
  • Home ergonomics webinars
  • Stretch break webinars
  • ‘How to’ home ergonomic instructional videos
  • Company branded, tailored home ergonomics videos