Why look after the health of your employees?

Health by Design solutions offer an excellent alternative to launch health and safety initiatives and help raise awareness of current health issues and risks at your workplace. Our services give your employees relevant information as well as practical strategies for maintaining good health and safety. By demonstrating an organisational commitment to creating a healthy work environment, you can implement positive, ongoing changes to workplace culture.

Health risk assessments.

Heart disease kills one Australian every 18 minutes. We can assess a person's risk in under that time AND show them how to improve their health. Our Healthy Heart Screen includes blood pressure, total and HDL cholesterol, blood glucose, waist measurement, hydration, sleep apnoea risk and cardiovascular disease risk calculation. Plus, a lifestyle analysis focusing on key areas such as sleep, diet, physical activity and mental wellbeing. After testing, immediate feedback is provided to participants regarding their key heart health risk factors, including identification of a key focus area and a brief action plan to improve their health. All in just 15 minutes.

Train the Trainer.

A comprehensive, low-contact option. Use your own staff to make a difference by engaging a 'health champion' in your workplace, with the support of the Health by Design team. We provide your employees with the training and resources needed to assist others to make positive health changes, all tailored to your workplace needs.

We have your workplace covered. All risk areas, all employees.

Allow your employees to create their own personal journey.

Our specialist health coaching provides your employees with the opportunity to have a consultation that best suits THEIR individual needs and goals. Employees select an area of interest based on health factors such as nutrition, mental wellbeing, physical activity, sleep and injury prevention.

Each individual will receive a personalised action plan, support materials, results tracking (via our online portal) and coach support over 6 weeks.