Who is it for?

Workplace health and wellbeing services not only have real potential to positively influence the health of our workforce, they make good business sense – increasing employee engagement and team cohesiveness in the short-term, and leading to reduced absenteeism and increased productivity in the long-term.

Small to medium businesses

Large businesses, up to 12,000 employees

Industrial organisations

Corporate organisations

National and international organisations

Health Assessments and Health Risk Appraisals

Personal health assessments are a quick and simple way to measure the key health indicators and risk factors of your workforce. They provide each employee with immediate feedback, as well as practical strategies for maintaining good health. Services include: 

  • Health Check Assessments
  • Healthy Heart Screens
  • Body Composition Testing 
  • Health Risk Appraisals 
  • Health Testing 

All services can be provided in varying appointment lengths – from 15minutes up to 1hour – and results are provided via our sophisticated online data management portal, HBD Online.

Health Coaching

Our health coaching solutions offer an effective method of engaging your workforce in a specific health initiative or area of organisational focus. Employees will come away with clear, actionable lifestyle strategies that will improve their behaviour, change personal focus areas and help them progress towards their health goals. Features of our health coaching sessions include:

  • Short and targeted coaching and education sessions, delivered to an agreed health topic plan – either face-to-face or online
  • Coaching is specific to the identified areas of the individual and influenced by organisational health risks
  • Comprehensive range of over 50 health and wellbeing topics, including sleep, nutrition, exercise, movement, resilience, ergonomics and more
  • Ongoing coaching allows each employee the opportunity to develop an action plan with a tertiary qualified, experienced team member


Our one-on-one approach ensures that our experienced health coaches can communicate with each participant according to their respective stage for readiness for health behaviour change.

Health and Wellbeing programs

  • Toolbox talks, seminars, workshops and webinars
  • Interactive displays
  • Wellbeing competitions and challenges
  • Health promotion materials, strategically designed to target your entire workforce via multiple touch points
  • Mail home packs – used in conjunction with health promotion material to reinforce healthy living tips outside of the workplace

Low contact COVID safe programs with maximum impact

Stay ahead of the curve with our proactive mental fitness programs and coaching, all available online. Designed to show the positive impact of simple, proactive mental fitness initiatives, these programs can be implemented across 12 months, as an 8-16 week module or a series of one-off events.