Who is it for?

Workplace health and wellbeing services not only have real potential to positively influence the health of your workforce, they make good business sense – increasing employee engagement and team cohesiveness in the short-term and leading to reduced absenteeism and increased productivity in the long-term.

Small to medium businesses

Large businesses, up to 12,000 employees

Industrial organisations

Corporate organisations

National and international organisations

Custom programs designed for your workforce.

Your program is tailored to address your key identified risks. We recommend commencing with a pilot program to experience the award winning benefits.


  • Total population health education
  • Total population coaching
  • Individual and group results tracking
  • Interactive displays
  • Toolbox talks
  • Health risks identified and explained
  • Personlised action plans addressing what matters most
  • Targeted education material for individuals and their families



  • Less campaigning and ongoing management
  • Easy for employees to understand and take part
  • Lowered health risks in these areas:
    • cardiovascular health
    • diabetes
    • cancer
    • musculoskeletal conditions
    • pain and inflammation
  • Improved group health behaviours:
    • exercise
    • nutrition
    • sleep
    • alcohol use
    • tobacco use
  • Better employee outcomes:
    • increased energy
    • improved cognitive function
    • enhanced physical capacity
    • boosted mental wellbeing

Targeted Health Solutions.

HBD’s award winning high engagement methodology and behavioural science are applied to services that address specific health risks.

3 Month Health Education Modules

  • Monthly Toolbox Talks
  • Health promotion educational materials and online portal access
  • Monthly educational coaching


Interactive Displays
Highly effective visual and tactile learning opportunities that help people to better understand abstract health concepts.


Workshops and Webinars

  • Ranging from 20 minutes to 90 minutes depending on your needs and topic
  • Accompanying handout or workbook
  • Recording options available


Health Promotion Packages
Designed to ensure high engagement, these packages contain the latest, reputably sourced medical and health research information, in both printed and electronic formats.


Virtual 15 minute consultations

  • Available to clients at their workplace or in their homes
  • Specialist coaching available in a range of different health and wellbeing topics
  • Short assessments also included with some topics


Train the Trainer Options
Designed to be seamlessly integrated into your existing operations.