Who is it for?

Our leadership and human performance programs aim to show your leadership team how to manage their own health in more sustainable ways, with the long-term goal of boosting not only their performance, but that of their team.

Managers and teams



C-suite team members

Helping leaders manage energy, health and performance.

HBD has delivered executive health and human performance programs across the globe to a variety of organisations across Asia-Pacific (APAC), North America, Europe and the Middle East, including Deloitte, GlaxoSmithKline, Dolby, and Electronic Arts.

We have created and delivered tailored programs ranging from leadership workshops to full 2-day resilience and high performance retreats.

Our programs are grounded in science and empower people on a personal level to make sustainable behaviour changes that will enhance their performance in work and life.

Neuroscience and Human Performance Program.

Participants acquire unique personal and professional development by gaining an insight into not only what makes them great, but also the behaviours that may drive stress and inhibit their health and performance.

Key Objectives:

  • Provide leaders with easy to implement strategies to enhance health, energy levels and performance.
  • Provide leaders with an enhanced understanding of human behaviour and strategies to manage performance and team energy levels in the current hybrid landscape of working from home or the office.

Brain Chemistry Optimisation program.

Our brain chemistry level is the most significant determinant of how well our thoughts, emotions and general information are transmitted by the brain. Subsequently, these levels have an enormous impact on individual health and performance. By better understanding your specific brain chemistry profile, you’re able to proactively influence behaviours, health and performance.

Program attendees will learn to:

  • better manage stress
  • improve performance, perception and decision making
  • minimise unwanted behaviours or ‘bad’ habits 
  • interact with others in a more productive manner
  • understand the ‘why’ behind human behaviour 

This program provides a research driven profile report and subsequent health and performance action plan, tailored to your brain chemistry.

High Performance Pathway program.

The High Performance Pathway is a one day course, designed to take employees down a pathway to improved energy management and high performance both in and outside of the workplace.

The program ‘joins the dots’ between physical health, mental health and human spirit, purpose and drive. The program audits and educates individuals in each of these dimensions and provides a targeted plan for improved health and performance in each area.

Executive Health Coaching

Our one-on-one approach ensures that our experienced health coaches can communicate with each participant according to their background, education, values and their respective stage and readiness for behaviour change.

Participate Anywhere

All of our leadership programs can be undertaken through on-site visits or online/remote workshops and coaching.

An example of a program timeline could be:

  • Program introduction webinar
  • Participants complete an online assessment
  • One-on-one results review and coaching
  • Optional executive group debrief and leadership training