Who is it for?

When we hear the term ‘mental health’, we have been conditioned to think of ‘mental illness’. Our mind immediately gravitates towards the ‘illness paradigm’. Changing the narrative is imperative to effective prevention. Introducing the concept of working on ‘mental wellbeing’ in the same way you’d work on ‘physical wellbeing’ is one mechanism that can be used to support individuals.

Small to medium businesses

Large businesses

Hybrid or remote workforce

Corporate organisations

Industrial businesses

Why mental wellbeing?

We believe that every person can be mentally healthier.

Most workplace initiatives targeting mental health are reactive – that’s where we come in. Our focus and planning is centred around proactive interventions that work progressively and consistently to prevent mental illness, and assist those already diagnosed.

We work to leverage the multiplying value proposition effect of these positive lifestyle practices.

Proactive mental wellbeing program - Headquarters.

Offered as a 12 month program, as an 8 - 16 week module or as a series of ‘one off’ initiatives, our mental wellbeing program aims to showcase positive habits that can improve mental and physical health.

  • 12 month timeline OR designated modules
  • 45 minute Group launch workshop
  • 60 minute Management or Leadership launch workshop
  • Risk identification options
  • Structured group education and behaviour change content
  • Optional individual coaching
  • Results tracking
  • Optional monthly education packages


All mental health services can be paired alongside health and wellbeing, safety and injury prevention and human performance services. 

Neuroscience and Human Performance Program.

This program provides leaders with easy to implement strategies to enhance health, energy levels and performance along with ways to help manage team energy levels..

  • 12 month timeline OR designated modules
  • 90 minute launch workshop (how the brain perceives stress and it’s impacts on health and performance)
  • 30 minute monthly sustainability topics (targeted to organisational needs)
  • Coaching options available

Targeted Mental Wellbeing Services.

If a full program is not what you are looking for, consider a one-off service. From a one hour workshop to monthly packages, we have you covered.

  • Headquarters workshop
  • Neuroscience and Human Performance workshop
  • A complete calendar of mental wellbeing interactive seminars/lunchtime talks
  • Monthly educational packages
  • Train the Trainer packages
  • Interactive displays