Safe Work Month is now on. Working together to ensure a safe workspace for all.

October is National Safe Work Month, an initiative that prioritises the safety and wellbeing of all Australians in the workplace. This campaign, founded by Safe Work Australia, aims to raise awareness about the importance of work health and safety (WHS) and provide resources outlining how businesses and individuals can prioritise their safety and wellbeing.

The overarching goal of Safe Work Month is to reduce workplace injuries and fatalities and foster a safe work culture. Safe Work Australia data reveals that around 169 people died doing their job in 2021, and 130,195 workers made serious workers’ compensation claims in 2020-2021. Safe Work Month represents an ongoing commitment to promoting safe work practices.

This year, two key focus areas are:

  1. Working together to protect workers’ mental health. Protecting workers’ mental health is just as important as protecting their physical health. Psychosocial hazards are hazards that can cause psychological harm, such as anxiety or depression, and can include hazards such as intense job demands, remote or isolated work or workplace conflict. Psychological harm can have serious consequences if left unchecked and it is important that workplaces comply with the psychosocial hazards Code of Practice.
  2. Working together to support all workers. All workers have a right to be safe at work. When promoting safety at work, it’s important to consider the needs of all workers. This includes understanding how to support and address factors that may put some workers at higher risk of harm than others. Factors such as age, background, work contract and work isolation can all contribute to how at risk a worker might be to physical or psychological harm.

It is the responsibility of the workplace to foster a safe environment and empower their employees to promote a healthy workplace. Implementing robust safety policies, providing necessary training and fostering a safe work culture can help business owners reduce the risk of workplace injury.

Safe Work Month is a powerful reminder that safety is a shared responsibility, whether you’re an employer, employee or external stakeholder. Actively striving for a safe workplace environment and supporting the Safe Work Month campaign contributes to the broader goal of making workplaces across Australia safer and healthier.

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