Safety Month 2019

The theme for Safe Work Month 2019 is: ‘Be a safety champion’. How will you be a safety champion?

Traditional approaches to safety are often compliance driven. However, stop and think about your most common workplace injuries and accidents. The majority of these are preventable, and strongly relate to employee focus, stress, fatigue, task behaviours, and physical condition. This is why we help you move beyond compliance. We will help you influence safer behaviours and a safer culture, as well as create health and safety initiatives to target your key organisational risks. This is the stuff that has a REAL impact on safety and lives. Are you ready to commit to building a safer and healthier workplace for your staff and colleagues? Below is just a snippet of what you could implement at your workplace to spread the National Safety Month message.

Workshop + action planning session: Choose from a range of topics and take it to the next level with an action planning session so your staff can immediately implement what they’ve learned – this is where the magic happens!

Roving interactive displays: We bring the display to your employees for minimal disruption to their work day. All interactive displays are attention-grabbing, educational and engaging. Your staff don’t even have to leave their work station to benefit!

Healthy Heart Screens: Healthy employees are safer workers, with much lower injury risks. Join the dots between health and safety by booking Healthy Heart Screens for your workforce. It only takes 15 minutes.

Ergonomic assessment options: Choose from 15 minute comprehensive ergonomic assessments, deskdrop coaching including a 5-point workstation check or a workshop + ergonomic assessments combination. An ergonomic work station set up = lower injury risks + higher productivity.

Senseless safety expo: A fun and interactive safety exhibition. When it comes to safety, there are no second chances! Staff will learn how to stay switched on, protect their senses and stay on top of their safety at work.

Brain chemistry – the implications on safety and risk taking workshop: Your staff can learn how their individual brain chemistry influences their health, their safety, their likelihood of taking risks and the strategies they can put in place to reduce safety risks.

Plan for a safer, healthier workforce with a National Safety Month service now. Be a safety champion! Contact us today to book in one of the above services or to discuss what would be the best fit for your workforce.