Little wins, BIG results

A common mistake many people make: Assuming small changes don’t add up.

The underlying assumption is that your achievements need to be big to make a difference. Because of this, we always talk ourselves into chasing a big habit! “If I want to lose at least 10 kilos, I need to start busting my butt and working out for 90 minutes a day!” Sound familiar?

If you look at your current habits, however, you’ll see a different picture. Nearly every habit you have today, good or bad, is the result of many small choices made over time. It is the repeated pattern of small behaviours that leads to significant results. Each day we make the choice to become one percent better or one percent worse, but so often the choices are small enough that we miss them.

Small changes add up to big wins!

50% of heart disease can be prevented with good nutrition & moving regularly. With the right help (you can’t just tell people what to do!), good nutrition and moving regularly isn’t hard to achieve. But the impact is HUGE!

A little change: five serves of fruit & vegetables a day = big results

  • 20% lower risk of heart disease & stroke

  • 35% reduced risk of lung cancer

  • 25% reduction in risk of premature death… to name a few.

That’s a small price to pay for big results. It’s also only a small habit to change/make for a big payback.


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