Effective Ergonomics: Ergonomics beyond compliance

Effective Ergonomics is more than just ergonomics. It is part of a program and suite of materials we have developed that looks to join the dots between key health risk factors and the impact they have on how a person works.


We know that by outlining simple and effective changes to workstation set up, employees can prevent musculoskeletal pain and improve performance. However, this goes beyond your standard ergonomic assessment/program (ie. chair set up, phone use, availability of foot rests). 


We consider factors such as hydration, movement, nutrition and stress because the research has shown us that they have a considerable impact on work performance. For example:

  • Regular breaks: research recommends that computer based or seated workers take a 1-2 minute break to stretch and mobilise muscles, for every 30 minutes of sitting they undertake.

  • Nutrition: brain glucose is depleted approximately every 2 hours. Hence the correlation between regular small amounts of nutritious food and efficient cognitive function and energy levels – both of which can impact posture, ergonomics and movement compliance.

  • Hydration: low water intake is associated with increased levels of dehydration, which can be linked to joint-related problems and fatigue


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