Top Tips For A Healthy Festive Season 2020

Make some time for shut-eye When stress and anxiety mount during the festive season, it can be hard to fall or stay asleep. But good quality shut-eye can calm frazzled nerves.


Put your worries out of your mind before you climb into bed. At least an hour before bed:

• Make a list of any worries or concerns

• Write down the tasks that you’re worried will go undone

• Put the list in a safe place until morning


Aim for seven hours of sleep each night for good physical and mental health. Christmas weight gain is rarely lost Researchers have identified that weight gained over the holiday period is rarely lost. In addition, an Australian study by Nutrition Australia identified Aussies will gain an average of 0.8 – 1.5kgs over this period(1), thanks to larger portion sizes, more alcohol consumption and a larger range of calorie-dense foods. Healthy Christmas eating tips The festive season is a time for celebrating – particularly after this year! However, totally disregarding good nutrition can impact negatively on your health and leave you feeling exhausted and run-down. Try these simple tips to stay healthy during the silly season: • Avoid going to parties hungry. Before the party eat something light.Think apple, yoghurt or wholegrain sandwich with chicken.

• Don’t try to lose weight over the Christmas season. Instead, aim to maintain your current weight.

• Watch your portion sizes. If your willpower is weak and you know you will want to finish everything in front of you, use an entrée plate instead of a dinner plate. That way you are sure to eat less.

• Fill up with foods from the BOTTOM layer of the Healthy Living Pyramid. These foods include vegetables, fruit, legumes, rice, pasta and cereals.

• Watch what you drink. There are hidden kilojoules in both the mixer and alcohol in drinks, so keep tabs on how much you are drinking and be aware of the extra kilojoules. Keep on moving Currently, there is no other ‘medicine’ with greater benefits for the body than physical exercise. This party season, balance those nights out and office lunches with some physical activity. Try to exercise in the morning, before the family or work gatherings start, so you can relax and enjoy the day. If you’re ready to start 2021 in the healthiest way possible, talk to us today. We have a wide range of online and on-site programs, workshops and services available to help you and your team have the healthiest year yet.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Team Health By Design!

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