Join the dots: fruit, veg & your health

Almost half of all deaths from type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke are linked to a poor diet. Worldwide, it has been estimated that 374,000 cancer deaths each year can be attributed to low fruit and vegetable intake.

The good news? Eating just 1-2 pieces of fruit each day can reduce your risk of stroke by 40%. It doesn’t have to be hard – studies by the FDA have confirmed that frozen fruit and vegetables are just as nutritious as fresh.


What other benefits can you expect from boosting your fruit and veg intake?

  • Breathe easier. Eating 5 or more serves each day reduces your risk of lung disease by 35%.

  • Protect your mental wellbeing. Those who enjoy a Mediterranean diet have a 33% lower risk of developing depression in coming years.

  • The fibre in fruit and vegetables keeps your blood sugar levels stable, preventing dips and crashes in energy – and the associated mood swings. It can also help to keep your bowel movements regular, assist in lowering cholesterol, regulate blood sugar levels, and help you feel fuller for longer. This all helps to lead you to feeling healthier, losing weight, and eating less unhealthy food.

  • Eating a diet high in plant foods and low in animal foods is associated with a 20% lower risk of diabetes.

How to get started?

  • Start adding an extra serve of vegetables to meals

  • Beans are a vegetable we often forget about. However these little gems can add flavour, texture and nutrition to any meal. Try adding kidney or black beans to tacos or add lentils to your bolognese.

  • Mix sliced fruit into your yoghurt or cereal.

  • Make a stir-fry once a week that’s full of vegetables.

  • Have veggie sticks with dip for afternoon tea.

  • Add fresh fruit to oats or pancakes.


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