Health by Design + Healthfully collaboration – An opportunity for employers

Health by Design has recently forged a relationship with Healthfully, a well-credentialled technology company. They have created excellent risk management software, as well as an app that provides strong value to both employees and employers, as returning to the workplace starts to take place and COVID-19 exposure within the work environment remains a risk.


The easy-to-use app provides valuable processes and data to better ensure business continuity, minimise shutdowns and provide employees with greater certainty and comfort regarding their personal health amid the current COVID-19 pandemic.


Key features and health services within the app, to maximise employee safety and care, include:

  • Employee daily self-screening and attestation

  • Alerts and notifications for employer, employees and providers

  • Telehealth physician visits and lab orders

  • Testing and lab results

  • Secure messaging

  • Bluetooth-enabled contact tracing and proximity reporting (STRICTLY during set work hours ONLY)

  • Exposure management and compliance reporting

  • Isolation & quarantine support communities

  • Employee education

  • Works on any platform: Web, iOS, Android

How does it work?

First, through a HIPAA compliant mobile app, employees learn about the importance of self-monitoring and safe behaviours. They answer a few quick questions daily to attest that they are not exhibiting symptoms and/or have not been exposed to someone with COVID-19. If the survey algorithm determines that an employee needs a COVID-19 test, a provider will first conduct an online visit. If the provider confirms that a test is necessary, the employee will be tested same day at a convenient location. Employees who test positive receive information about self-isolation, have access to online care and check-ins, as well as virtual support groups, all within the safe and secure platform application. Employers will be notified of the positive test and receive a contact tracing report. The employer dashboard also tracks their team members’ compliance with self-monitoring, status alerts and return to work notices of staff who are in the 14- day self-isolation period.

Key employer benefits

  • Provides a one-stop, comprehensive program to address COVID-19 health and safety when employees are returning back-to-work

  • Affordable & easy-to-deploy

  • Boost employee and consumer confidence

  • Help maintain a safe environment that fosters business continuity and productivity

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you ensure a safe, healthy, smooth transition back-to-work for your employees. If it’s been business-as-usual, let’s discuss how we can ensure risk minimisation and prevent unnecessary down-time before it’s too late.