10 mental fitness tips

Everything you think, learn, see and do shapes your brain and changes your life. Here are 10 ideas that require nothing more than your commitment and will have a positive impact on your mental outlook:


  1. Meditate – start with two minutes and build to an extra minute each day.

  2. Spend five minutes in nature (or just in your backyard for some fresh air).

  3. Express gratitude to someone.

  4. Unleash your creativity – dance, draw, paint, write, create.

  5. Have a complaint-free day.

  6. Do something for someone else without expectation of recognition or reward.

  7. For every negative thing you think, say, or do, counter it with at least three positives.

  8. De-clutter your home or work environment.

  9. Connect with an old friend.

  10. Watch a documentary that opens your mind to something new.

What will you try first?