Run a workplace challenge/competition and reap the benefits of healthier, happier employees

Health by Design have created and developed a wide range of workplace challenges, designed to engage your employees in positive health behaviours.

Competitions encourage team work, camaraderie, improved culture, all while having a positive impact on one’s health.

Two of our most popular challenges are the “Walkabout Challenge” and the “Healthy Habits Challenge”.

The “Walkabout Challenge” is a team based physical activity competition where teams make their way along a virtual track of your company’s choice e.g. West Coast to East Coast, Sydney to Perth, The Great Ocean Road, Melbourne to Alice Springs, The Murray River

Track, Perth to Broome.

Walkabout challenge online preview

The competition length can of-course be selected to suit company needs and logistics.

The competition can be run and managed on or off line depending on what best suits the participating employee group. The inbuilt activity converter on our online system allows competition participants to participate in physical activities other than just walking, such as riding and cycling.


The “Healthy Habits Challenge” is designed to encourage employees to practice healthy behaviours, the Healthy Habits Challenge can be run as an individual challenge or team based challenge.

Healthy habits challenge resources

Healthy habits challenge resources

Each employee is asked to:

• Start performing a new healthy behaviour

• Stop performing an existing unhealthy behaviour

• Keep performing an existing healthy challenge

Points are awarded according to how well you stick to your chosen ‘start’, ‘stop’ and ‘keep’ habits. The competition is designed to run for one calendar month.

If you’d like to learn more about how easily you can implement a workplace challenge/competition for your workforce, get in touch today!